What is the Angling Development Club about?

The ‘Angling Development Club’ is a core offering from the Angling and Mental Health Initiative CIC, and is a membership-based program designed to provide anglers of all skill levels with a comprehensive platform for skill development, community engagement, and access to resources.

Key Features:
  • Skill-Building Courses:
    • Access to low-cost training courses led by Angling Trust-approved coaches.
    • Courses cater to both novice and experienced anglers, covering various angling techniques and strategies (Angling Trust CAST award scheme and our own tailored courses).
  • Community Connection:
    • Membership in a supportive angling community that fosters mentorship and shared experiences.
    • Opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, share insights, and participate in collaborative angling events.
  • Facility Access:
    • Access to facilities for angling development, including practice areas and specialised training venues.
    • Provides a dedicated space for members to enhance their skills and enjoy the angling experience.
  • Resource Library:
    • A curated collection of educational resources, including guides, articles, and videos.
    • Members can access valuable information to improve their angling knowledge and techniques.
  • Exclusive Events:
    • Participation in exclusive Angling Development Club events, workshops, and themed angling sessions.
    • Unique opportunities to learn from experts, engage in hands-on activities, and be part of a vibrant angling community.


While the Angling Development Club is primarily a digital membership, members can also receive:

  • Welcome Kit:
    • A digital welcome package providing an overview of the club, membership benefits, and a personalised introduction.
    • Includes digital badges or certificates to mark the initiation into the Angling Development Club.
  • Digital Platform Integration:
    • Seamless integration into the Clubmate hub, the central platform connecting local angling clubs and societies.
    • Members gain easy access to events, resources, and community features through an intuitive online interface.
  • Course Material:
    • Physical and digital course material
    • Course materials kit: ‘keep what you make’ plus discount on full kits used within the courses.
    • In Store discounts at Bodle Angling for members and subscribers of the ADC.
    • Physical certificates upon course completion (CAST award as an example).


In essence, the Angling Development Club fulfils the diverse needs of anglers, addresses common frustrations in the angling community, and presents an attractive package that brings value, community, and skill advancement to its members. After participants of the ‘Get Fishing’ scheme, such as our own ‘Let’s Go Fishing!’ event days, many participants get their gold award and are then stuck on what is next for them. We aim to fill that gap, utilising the Angling Trust’s CAST awards scheme, a set deliverable course structure that can be tailored to meet our own requirements and profile. This will then give the new angler a pathway to carrying on their fishing and taking the next steps in securing their interest and ensuring they meet the requirements of the industry with sport based knowledge and reduce their environmental impact (fish care as an example).