Incorporating Clubmate

A central hub for the community and beyond

Clubmate is centered around community, collaboration, and the shared passion for angling. With a vibrant and inclusive aesthetic, the brand communicates a sense of belonging and mutual support within the angling community and is already well established. The ethos of Clubmate as a company reflect the initiative’s commitment to fostering connections and providing valuable resources. Utilising Clubmate, with its already established connections and integrations with potential customers, would be beneficial and key to the success of the ‘Hub’ vision.

Key Features:

The Clubmate Hub serves as a centralised online platform connecting local angling clubs, societies, and individuals. It streamlines communication, event coordination, and resource sharing.

    • Offering event hosting facilities, the hub provides clubs with the necessary tools and support to organise successful angling events. This includes venue coordination, promotional materials, and logistical assistance.
    • Members of the Clubmate Hub gain exclusive access to the Angling Development Club, providing low-cost training courses, facilities, and resources for skill development at the individual or club level.
    • The platform facilitates networking opportunities, enabling anglers and clubs to connect, share experiences, and collaborate on various initiatives. This fosters a sense of community and encourages knowledge exchange.
    • A comprehensive resource repository is available, offering educational materials, guidelines, and best practices for anglers and clubs. This supports continuous learning and skill enhancement.
Benefits of Clubmate Hub:
    • The Clubmate Hub addresses the frustration of fragmented communication within the angling community by providing a centralised space for clubs and individuals to connect and collaborate effortlessly. With a large membership of clubs and societies already using clubmate, the integration to joining the hub will be seamless.
    • Recognising the challenges in organising angling events, the hub addresses this need by offering event hosting facilities, assisting with logistics, and providing promotional tools for a successful experience.
    • Acknowledging the desire for continuous skill development, the platform addresses this need by granting access to the Angling Development Club, where members can access training courses and resources at affordable rates.