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All of our staff are Angling Trust licensed coaches or experienced volunteers, who can teach you how to fish and explore the benefits that fishing can have on your mental health.  Most of our venues are deep within the beautiful Sussex countryside, filled with wildlife and adventure and are such peaceful learning environments.

We are a central hub for angling societies, clubs and fisheries to access our very successful ‘Let’s Go Fishing!’ open day hosting facilities, Angling Trusts approved and trained coaches and much more. We also have our Angling Development Club, which is a coaching facility access point for those wishing to increase their fishing skills, or as a pathway into fishing after participating in Angling Trust approved event days (Get Fishing scheme).

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Meet Our sponsors

They Believe In Us

Our project is exclusively sponsored by Bodle Angling, a local tackle shop that forms part of the Bodle Bros company.
Their support and work has been critical to the success so far for the AMHI Let’s Go Fishing! open day events. 
They are also involved with our school coaching sessions and our special needs coaching groups (including SEN).


Bodle Bros LTD, Southdown Store, Cuckfield Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 8RE

Angling Handbooks and Log Books for sale
We also have various angling handbooks, angling log books and wellbeing journals for sale, something for everyone!​