The FREE to attend open day events are driven by an already successful campaign, produced and heavily promoted by the Angling Trust. Using these pre-existing methods and deliverable programs ensures that the initiative meets demand and is governed to a set level, one which is monitored and set by the governing body of the angling industry. The coach training is also driven by the Angling Trust, who work alongside Sports England and 1st 4 Sport to provide up to date training programs that meet very high levels of standards.

The Let’s Go Fishing! aims are to address the growing need for outdoor activities that provide a break from daily routines, offering a refreshing and fulfilling experience. To target the rising concern for mental health by providing a therapeutic escape, promoting relaxation, and reducing stress through outdoor engagement.

Address the desire for community connection by creating a space where individuals with shared interests can come together, fostering a sense of belonging. The product also addresses frustrations related to barriers to entry in recreational activities by providing a free and accessible platform for individuals of all skill levels to try angling.

So far we have had compelling success stories and testimonials from past participants, that illustrate the tangible and positive impact of “Let’s Go Fishing!” events on mental wellbeing. The inclusion of experienced Angling Trust-approved coaches ensures participants receive expert guidance, enhancing the credibility and value of the events. The AMHI commitment to inclusivity and catering to diverse demographics adds a compelling factor, showcasing the initiative’s dedication to providing meaningful experiences for everyone.

Exclusive sponsorship and support from local businesses, such as Bodle Angling, contribute to the initiative’s community-driven ethos, enhancing its appeal and credibility.

The “Let’s Go Fishing!” Open Day events not only fulfil the desire for recreational engagement but also address the frustrations associated with limited access to such experiences. AMHI’s compelling nature lies in its unique blend of education, community building, and therapeutic benefits, making it an attractive and sought-after opportunity for individuals or groups seeking more from their recreational activities

Where are the events held?

Our event days are held on local club and society venues within some of the most beautiful parts of Sussex. 

  • Haywards Heath & District Angling Society – Valebridge Mill Pond.  An estate lake with many different species to catch and beautiful surroundings with the Bedelands nature reserve right next door.
  • Hassocks & District Angling Society – Badgers Wood.  A small lake perfectly suited for event days and family fishing, many different species to catch and some amazing surroundings near Hickstead.