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We have been very successful with funding and donations from many companies and government bodies.  The Angling Trust Get Fishing fund has been a fundamental resource that allowed the AMHI to start up.  Sport England’s Together Funding allowed us to continue delivering open day events and coaching sessions to the local community.  Adelphi Group of Companies donated to the project to allow us to develop the delivery of our events through additional funding to our disability access.  The Environment Agency funded the HHDAS venue at Valebridge Mill Pond, to allow us to work on the disability accessible platforms and a much needed aeration unit.  

Without any of this funding, the project would of never developed to where we are now, we are forever grateful for helping AMHI get going.

Meet our Support

Picture of Graham Mabey

Graham Mabey

Regional Development Officer - Angling Trust

The Angling Trust is the NGB for Angling in England. My role as the Development Officer is to support coaches, clubs, organisations and individuals to establish sustainable and professional participation events and to support these project where possible.

I first met Ben when at the very inception of Lets Go Fishing!. We met and he described how the club didn’t have a junior program and how he wanted to establish a pathway to allow newcomers the opportunity to learn to fish, join the fishing community and improve their health and wellbeing. I offered advice and guidance on how to structure the sessions, equipment, training and sources of funding. I have regular meetings with ben and its amazing to see the growth of the project and the passion from the whole team.

The project has progressed amazingly well since that first meeting with Ben. Ben is an extremely dedicated individual and he has poured all his energy into learning and developing his own skill set to establish one of the best coaching operations in the South East.

The health and wellbeing benefits of Angling have been well documented in the recent past. The community now has the opportunity to learn to fish and become anglers with a clear exit route to a sustainable, life long hobby.

I will continue to fully support Ben and the team in the future to continue to run the sessions and to also expand to reach the wider community.

Picture of Harry Sandercock

Harry Sandercock

Manager - Bodle Bros Ltd/Bodle Angling
(also an established Volunteer Coach for AMHI)

I manage Bodle Bros Ltd retail store which is an agricultural merchant selling Horse, Dog, Farm, pet feed, bedding and accessories. Within the main shop, I have set up Bodle Angling which is now a well-established tackle shop catering for every type of angling in our local area. We have a strong drive to support the future of angling within Bodles as this along with a few other areas in the industry is an important area to focus on. Ben has always been a friend of the shop and with two young keen anglers of his own, he knows firsthand how important the future is for them. The AMHI and Let's Go Fishing! plans were first brought to my attention when Ben pitched the project to me, instantly I knew this was something that would be a massive benefit to the industry. We now sponsor every open day event and coaching sessions, along with promotion in store, and on our social media pages. We also supply the Event days with goodie bags and have also sourced much of the needed fishing equipment required for these events and coaching sessions. We have also included the AMHI team at our open days and at shows recently in aid to help promote the scheme and get more people into fishing.

Since supporting the Let's Go Fishing! events, we have seen it gain huge amounts of traction in the local community, the scheme itself has gone from strength to strength and well ahead of schedule, this is a great position for anyone to be in and it shows how good the future is for AMHI and the Let's Go Fishing! project. Bodle Angling will always continue to support such a great program to the highest level we can, we also encourage anyone else who can support this to get involved. We have countless numbers of anglers who leave unwanted fishing equipment with us that Ben and his team are able to distribute amongst the new anglers, which is a great way to further help people to get into fishing.

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